Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Term of sliding barn door hardware is a popular style of interior door hardware for the majority of homeowners artsy. Unique rustic but sophisticated style adds both texture and taste for the aesthetics of the room. But where did this style come from?

sliding barn door hardware2 e1371826027503 Sliding Barn Door Hardware
sliding barn door hardware

And how to be so popular? Why grow so rapidly popular in places in both rural and urban areas, from the U.S. to the French? In this article let us look at the history of the grassroots style of interior hardware.

Flat Track Sliding Hardware Included Items e1371826112335 Sliding Barn Door Hardware
Sliding hardware included items

Formerly argriculture agriculture and has played a major role in the development of large countries, especially those considered Western culture in nature. Agriculture in the United States has been particularly important during the first year of the country’s growth.

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sliding barn door-hardware
Sliding Barn Door Sliding Barn Door Hardware
Sliding Barn Door

With farming and agriculture came the need for a pet, and together the need to house and protect animals. This led to the development and implementation of large barns and warehouses appeared.

sliding glass door design ideas e1371826216823 Sliding Barn Door Hardware
sliding glass door design ideas

The purpose of the barns and barn to house animals not just big, but also save large equipment and supplies. With this comes the need to create large doors to facilitate entry and exit of large objects. The solution of course is what we see today when we imagine the barn, large doors that slide back and forth to the place.

sliding glass doors e1371826310290 Sliding Barn Door Hardware
sliding glass doors

Aspects sliding doors are very important. Standard door hinge that rotates about a vertical axis which is supported by a pin, like you find on the doors in your house, it is not practical.

sliding glass door screen 2 e1371826373906 Sliding Barn Door Hardware
sliding glass door screen

Due to the large size warehouse doors, different styles of hardware movement is needed. Farmers find it much easier to slide the door back and forth to their places rather than to swing open and closed. There is less stress on the hardware, operational space conservation, and increased overall function and efficiency. So the sliding barn door hardware was born, so named because it was originally intended use.

sliding glass door hinges e1371826438928 Sliding Barn Door Hardware
sliding glass door hinges

Also known as flat track hardware because traditionally it is constructed using solid steel flat bar as a hard song will glide along. Two hangers in the form of a shepherd’s crook attached to every door in a way so that the door will hang in the air. Each hanger housed wheel, allowing the door mounted to slide back and forth along the track.

Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors e1371826502948 Sliding Barn Door Hardware
Aluminum sliding glass doors

Often the songs fans will be installed along the bottom of the door to keep the door secure and in place. Assembly is rural in nature, extremely durable, and quite reliable. In recent years homeowners have taken this style and use it for interior doors in their homes.

Anderson Sliding French Doors e1371826559181 Sliding Barn Door Hardware
Anderson sliding French doors

The style varies depending on hardware different tastes and preferences of the individual. And because the doors are used in the interior of the house has almost no large and heavy as a barn door, the hardware itself can be modified, style, and finished with a variety of ways.

sliding door lock e1371827071560 Sliding Barn Door Hardware
sliding door lock

Flat track barn door hardware is a growing trend among homeowners looking to spruce up their homes. It is part of American culture integrated into anyone’s house.

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