Sliding Glass Door Locks

Sliding glass doors may be attractive to look at, but their weakness lie in the fact that they are easily breakable, pose security issues and can make any burglars work simpler.

Although there limitation to prevent any intruder from breaking- in is very soaring but at the same time it is highly preventable and its fairly simple to avoid any possible attempt of burglary, only if certain safety measures are taken into account with the installation of these door.

Most of the glass doors that are installed in houses have aluminum latches as locks that can become lose and fall out of place. Sliding patio door are often installed as an entrance to backyard in many houses, giving the burglars an easy chance to carry out their activity unnoticed from street traffic and the neighbors. To make the matters more alarming sliding glass door can be simply lift off the track with ease than it is to break the glass.

Sliding Glass Door Locks Sliding Glass Door Locks

By making sure that assertive safety measures have been taken, likely act of burglary could be averted. One of the simplest ways is to keep the rollers in good condition since it’s difficult to pry the sliding panel out of track when the rollers are in proper working condition. Insert a pin close to the bottom of the doors that locks the two frames together. These pins can be found in any home improvement stores. But the most efficient system is to equip a sliding bolt with a locking device on the sliding glass door. To ensure best security, chose padlocked sliding bolt lock it works by securing the door to the frame at security point. Moreover there are also models of sliding door locks that trigger an alarm when the door is unlocked and other Mechanical Digital Locks. You can put in a strong sliding glass door lock that is enduring, convenient to use and will not be misplaced or lost.

Simple Sliding glass door locks offer partial security for your home so in order to ensure complete security adding an extra lock to the door can improve the level of safety.

The price of sliding glass door locks varies from $10-100 depending on quality and material (stainless steel or zinc alloy). It’s not necessary to hire some labor to install the lock it can be done by yourself as well, even if you have very limited experience. Instructions are usually given along with lock in the box or you can do some research on internet to find ways to install them. Like with any other traditional doors, the locks on sliding doors can break down after extended use. These locks can be replaced just by a use of a screwdriver.

Sliding door locks can be easily found at the majority of the hardware stores. They come in different finishes and style depending on the manufacturers. Check any of the local hardware stores to find a sliding door lock that matches your door itself as well as the rest of the home decor.

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