Where to Get Sliding Door Hardware

Today,  Sliding door hardware has become increasingly common in every day life. Unlike normal doors which turn on hinges these are attached on a track and open horizontally by sliding. There is a range of sliding door hardware, some of them include kitchen cabinets, patio doors and showers.

sliding door hardware e1371655309739 Where to Get Sliding Door Hardware
sliding door hardware

It has been around for quit sometime and are a preferable alternative to swinging doors and also have many advantages over them. Sliding doors do not slam nor do they open by themselves.

Sliding door hardware for your home1 e1371655360821 Where to Get Sliding Door Hardware
Sliding door hardware for your home

They are also much safer than swinging doors as they can open near by to a small area or stairway without having to step back to avoid possibly falling. They also offer more light and make it possible to enjoy the breeze. They are also suitable for handicapped individuals as they provide a wider passage for a wheel chair to pass through and are also easier to access compared to swinging doors.

Sliding Door Hardware Where to Get Sliding Door Hardware
Sliding Door Hardware

The construction of these sliding hard wares are modernized and are constructed by materials including vinyl-clad wood and fiberglass. Fiberglass is a good alternative to wood as it can be constructed to have the visual appearance of wood but unlike wood it wont crack. With sliding door hardware you don’t have to worry about the extra weight on the door hinges.

traditional interior doors e1371655431891 Where to Get Sliding Door Hardware
traditional interior doors

Also by injecting insulating foam into the frames of the door the ability of the door to keep the cold out and warm in increases therefor also increasing the insulating value of it many times more than of wood. Modern sliding doors also have watertight seal and other sliding door hard wares have been manufactured with a lift and slide technology allowing it to easily move on its rollers and also drop into place on its track.

sliding patio doors e1371655472628 Where to Get Sliding Door Hardware
sliding patio doors

Sliding door hardware does not only benefit us in design but also has practical benefits. Sliding doors unlike traditional swinging doors can be used in offices as well as home,. They are the perfect alternative for door knob opening doors as they can even be used as wardrobe sliding doors or even as dividers in an office or a room.

Sliding glass door lock e1371655539682 Where to Get Sliding Door Hardware
Sliding glass door lock

Sliding door hardware is also energy efficient if used for patio purposes. They have a screen on the outside which keeps out animals and bugs and allows the breeze from outside to pass through the screen. They can also open up larger than hinged doors and much more air can pass through on a breezy day than compared to a normal hinged door.

glass sliding doors e1371655678818 Where to Get Sliding Door Hardware
glass sliding doors

Which can inturn  also reduce air conditioning costs. These doors are also eco-friendly doors as they are constructed of metal, vinyl and glass whereas most hinged doors are made from wood which is obviously cut from trees.

sliding glass door hardware e1371655621931 Where to Get Sliding Door Hardware
sliding glass door hardware

Sliding door hardware prices vary from the the sliding door product you choose to purchase. Sliding door hardware is more expensive than hinged doors as it requires a substantial change in the way that the wall is built. But the pros of sliding door hardware are much more than the cons and have a number of advantages compared to hinged doors.

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